How to Enable Admin Rights to Other user on your Google+ Community

Google+ has recently rolled out a new Community features for all Google+ users. (Want to know more and how to create see our previous post here How to Create Google+ Community). There is a option available on Google+ community you can enable admin rights to other user on your Google+ community.

Admin rights are available in two categories in Google+ Community as Moderator and Owner. Moderator can edit, delete, block post on your community. Owner have a full rights as you. So think twice before giving owner rights others.

Follow the below steps to give admin rights to others

How to: 
  • Open your Google+ Community page, then click members link shows in below image.
  • All your members list will open, then click members options icon next to specific person
  • Then click on "Promote from member to moderator", 
Now you enabled moderate rights to that specific person. If you want to give Owner rights to him again click on Member options icon and select "Promote from Moderator to Owner".