What Happens Every Minute on YouTube [Infographic]

YouTube now became the world's #3 most trafficked website behind Google and Facebook. The YouTube starts carrier on May 2005 with 20 second video clip now it has millions of videos and getting more than 1 billion visits every month. 

YouTube Downloader app creator designed a new infographic that tells what happened in a minute on YouTube. According to this infographic 2,777,7777 videos being viewed by user in every minute on YouTube. 

Interesting Facts:
  •  2,777,7777 videos being viewed by user in every minute on YouTube
  • 100 hours of videos uploaded every minute on YouTube
  • YouTube Content Id scans 400 years of video every day that is 146,000 videos in a minute.
  • At least 1,388 channel subscription happen every 60 seconds 
  • Pewdiepie YouTube channel earning $13.31 in a minute, it is the most earning channel on YouTube. 
  • YouTube makes an estimated $10,654.49 for every minute.