ISeePass : Reveal your hidden passwords instead of asterisks in your browser

Did you forget your password but your browser auto fills it with asterisks? No problem, You can reveal your hidden passwords by using a simple tool called ISeePass. ISeePass shows original texts on your password column instead of asterisks.

How to use : 
  • Go to this link ISeePass, Scroll down the page untill you find orange ISeePass button.
  • Just drag and drop ISeePass bookmarklet on your bookmarks bar( If you have disabled bookmarks bar on your browser first enable it. To enable bookmarks on  Firefox and Chrome please follow the below steps)
           Chrome : Click menu icon which is placed top right corner, then click bookmarks and then                                            select Show Bookmarks bar option.   
           Firefox :  Just right click on the above address bar and select Bookmarks Toolbar.

Go to any website containing login page, enter your Id and password now click the ISeePass. Instantly  password column will show your original text. It works all web forms without any problem. Again click on the ISeePass bookmark to show asterisks.