Bloggers now share your blog post automatically to Google+

Google introduces new feature for users that allows you to share your blog posts automatically to Google+.  If you have enabled this feature, when you publish the new post on your blog as soon as it will be shared automatically on your Google+ account without requiring any additional clicks. And also if you've enabled Google+ Comments, any replies on Google+ will also appear on your blog.

This new feature available for all those who connected a Google+ page or profile to their blog. This feature will be enabled by default, this new feature will start working the next time you publish a post.

blog post

Google+ post

How to stop automatic sharing feature: 
In case if you want to avoid this feature, you can disable at anytime by doing following steps.
  • Go to your blogger dashboard 
  • Click on the Google+ tab, then remove the tick mark from "Automatically share after posting" column like below image
  • That's all automatic feature will be disabled to your account.