How to Embed Google+ posts to your Site

After Twitter and Facebook, Google now introduces Embed feature on Google+ posts. Now you can embed Google+ posts to anywhere on the web. With embed feature users can add Google+ posts including pictures, videos and other content including follow button, +1 button and Comments to your site. Embed posts can be seen by anyone even if they not having the Google account.

Users can embed all type of public posts on Google plus excluding Posts from within a community, Posts that are restricted to a Google Apps domain, Private posts, Events posts and Hangout on Air posts.

If you are a site owners and want to add Google+ posts to your site please follow the below site.

How to:
  • Sign in to your Google+ account
  • Click on the menu icon of the specific post which you want to embed
  • Then choose Embed post option in drop down menu
  •  A dialog box displays with embed code that you can copy and paste into your site.