Top 10 Most Useful Firefox Extensions

There are thousands of browser extension available for Firefox, lets you bring lot of features by using these extension. Even if thousands of extension available for Firefox but some extension attracts more and gives useful features for users.

1. Greasemonkey
Greasemonkey is an one of the most useful Firefox extension offers lot of features for users especially webmasters. This extension allows users to install script to make the changes on the web pages before and after the page loaded.

Link - Greasemonkey

2. Ghostery
Ghostery is an another useful browser extension allows users to protect their privacy. This extension lets you detect and control web bugs, detecting trackers from popular social media sites such as Facebook, Google Adsense and more than 1000 social network sites. Ghostery allows you to block scripts from companies that you don't trust, delete local shared objects, and even block images and iframes. 

Link - Ghostery

3. Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus extension gives best browsing experience for users by blocking all type of annoying ads on the webpages. And also this extension blocks malware websites and allows users to filter websites from blocking ads. 

Link - Adblock Plus

4. Video DownloadHelper
Video Download Helper is an one of the most useful Firefox extension that allows users to download videos from more than 1000 websites including YouTube and DailyMotion. And also it allows users to convert the videos before it downloaded.

Link - Video DownloadHelper

5. Awesome Screen shot
This Firefox extension allows users to capture and share web pages while browsing on the web. With this extension users can capture a whole page or any particular part of the page and add some annotation to your capture image like circle, rectangle, text, arrow and more.

This extension also includes some additional features such as Discover Similar Sites and Price comparison while shop from online stores.

Link - Awesome Screen shot

6. Flagfox
This extension users can know web server location of the current website which you are seeing on the screen. For example If you have open the this extension displays US flag icon on end of the address bar. And also this extension includes some additional tools such as Xmarks and Google Translate for giving more features.

Link - Flagfox

7. iMacro
iMacro is an one of the useful Firefox extension helps users to save their valuable time on repeatedly opening sites. This extension records your tasks on the websites, when you open the specific website again you need not to type the information again like passwords and web forms, this extension do these tasks automatically.

Link - iMacro

8. EPUBReader
EPUBReader Firefox extension helps users to read ePub files on Firefox without requiring any additional software. 

Link - EPUBReader

9. FastestFox
FastestFox extension offers fastest browsing experience on Firefox. Just highlight the text on web page then you can easily access some tasks of the specific word like Google search and Wikipedia search. 

10. Xmarks Sync
Xmarks Sync Firefox extension is an one of the most useful Firefox extension helps users to sync their bookmarks and open tabs on different devices and browsers.