Magic Actions for YouTube brings lot of Missing features

There are hundreds of browser extension available for YouTube to bring some additional features. Here the simple but superb extension brings lot of missing features for YouTube to make better viewing performance. The All-in-One browser extension brings more than 20 useful features for YouTube including AutoHD, Ad Block, Cinema mode, 1 click snapshot, Custom Themes, Scroll Volume Control and more.

Key Features:
  • Cinema Mode - This extension shades the whole page with 1 click on the Cinema Mode button. So users can get better viewing performance on the site.
  • AutoHD feature - Lets you play all YouTube videos in HD
  • Supports HTML5 player
  • Ad Block to block unwanted ads when seeing videos
  • You can reduce and decrease the volume level by scrolling your mouse wheel on the video
  • OSD on-screen display  
  • More than 20 predefined color themes and also you can set your own custom colors
  • 1-click snapshot - When you watching video you can take snapshot of particular seen just a click. And you can save it different formats like PNG, JPEG or WEBP.
  • Cool Day/Night toggle swicth to browse YouTube in black or white
  • You can view and delete your watching history on the YouTube to protect your privacy.
  • Ratings preview for related videos
  • Expand - This feature helps to view the video in full window size
  • Enlarge avatars and video thumbnails on mouse over
  • Auto hide Player Controls - video controls will automatically hide after a video begins playing.
  • Display user info in comments including country flags.
  • Ability to hide comments, related videos, and more.

Magic Actions browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers.