Shake for Android lets you control your device by shaking

Shake for Android lets you control your Android device by simply shaking device. By shaking your phone horizontally or vertically  you can do certain tasks on your device such as opening apps, Tun on (or) Turn Off the flashlight, Changing the ringer mode and more. The shake control works even your phone screen is off.

  • Running any application like Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp and more.
  • Turning flashlight on / off.
  • Changing the ringer mode - ring / vibrate / silent.
  • Turning screen on / off.
  • Expanding the status bar.
  • Turning 3G on / off.
  • Turning Wifi on / off.
  • Turning auto rotate on / off.
  • Turning auto brightness on / off.
  • Turning speaker on / off.
  • Control music player: skip track, start the player etc


The app allows users to control the shake sensor sensitivity level and you can choose your favorite shake mode Simple, Advance or Pro.