Yahoo! shuts down 12 products including AltlaVista and Yahoo! Axis

Yahoo! officially announced that the company shuts down its 12 products including Yahoo! Axis and AtlaVista. So users cannot able to use these products no more. Check below products with shutdown date and official alternate services.


            Shutdown Date            

Official Alternate

Yahoo! Axis
June 28, 2013Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Browser Plus
June 28, 2013Yahoo! everything

Citizen Sports
June 28, 2013Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! WebPlayer
June 30, 2013

July 1, 2013Yahoo! Music

Yahoo! RSS Alerts
July 1, 2013Keyword News

Yahoo! Neighbors Beta
July 8, 2013jjYahoo! local search

July 8, 2013Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Stars India
July 25, 2013Yahoo! India OMG!

Yahoo! Downloads Beta
July 31, 2013

Yahoo! Local API
Sep 28, 2013

Yahoo! Term Extraction APISep 28, 2013YQL