Chrome 27 for iOS released with improved Voice Search and Faster Reload

Google released Chrome 27 stable version for iOS devices with improved voice search and faster reloading. The company already released Chrome 27 for Android and Chrome 27 for desktop computers.
Chrome 27 for iOS brings improved voice search, that allows users to search on Google with their voice into omnibox. So users can search on Google without typing single word.

And the new version enables faster reloading, Pages reloads faster even when the network is slow or unavailable.  And also the Chrome 27 for iOS comes with various bug fixes and number of stability improvements.

Official Change logs:

Improved voice search
  • Say what you want and get results back without typing
  • Faster voice recognition with text streamed on the fly
  • Get answers spoken back to you with web results tailored to your questions
Faster Reloading
  • Pages reload faster even when the network is slow or unavailable
  • Stability / security improvements and bug fixes
Download  Chrome 27 for iOS