Bing Desktop for Windows brings new Inline search, Real time weather and much more

Microsoft today launched new version of Bing desktop app for Windows with varies new features like In line search, Real time weather snapshot, Facebook Notifications and more. And also the company says over 10 million users have installed Bing desktop app on Windows computers.

With this new version you can search search directly from a webpage, word document or PDF file simply by highlighting the word or phrase and clicking the Bing icon. The inline search feature works with the following applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook 2013, Notepad, Wordpad, Internet Explorer and latest version of Firefox, Chrome browsers.

The new version includes real time weather snapshot, it allows users to know exact weather report with single click.

The new version brings new trending topics feature, with one click you can see images and text summaries of worlds trending topics all from your computers without opening web browser. And also the new version shows Facebook notifications, when every time you got new updates from your friends. 

If you are a Bing desktop user you will get new features in next few days (or) you can download latest version of Bing desktop app for your Windows XP and above devices from here