5 More Useful Chrome Extensions for Twitter

1. Photo Zoom
This extension helps users to see original image size of Twitter images including avatars without mouse click. Just hover your mouse cursor on any thumbnail you want to zoom, automatically this extension shows enlarged version of the image.

2. Twitter for Chrome
Simple Chrome extension for Twitter, lets you follow your Twitter feed, mentions, and profile right from your Chrome toolbar from any where on the web. And this extension notifies with count when you have new tweet and messages. With this extension you can also tweet (or) retweet without going to Twitter.com. 

Web Store - Twitter for Chrome

3. Refresh for Twitter
This extension refresh your tweet page and shows all your new tweet when you receive it. Users don't want to click on any link to see new tweet. 

Web Store - Refresh for Twitter

4. Color My Twitter
With this extension users can Customize Twitter with their favorite color. It colors Topbar, links, buttons and everything on Twitter. Just install this extension and choose your favorite color and click on Save button.

Web Store - Color My Twitter

5. Send Files on Twitter
With this extension you can now easily tweet photos, documents, music, and any other files you have. Attach files on Twitter with Ge.tt. Integrated directly into Twitter. By installing the Twitter extension you get 2GB of free storage space to make you able to share anything you want.