TweakNow HD Analyzer : Find large files and folders easily and quickly

Have you find out that your hard disk drive is almost full and wish to clean it up quickly by deleting or moving large files and folders from your computer.  Of course, it will only be easy if you know in which folders those big files are stored. But most of the users do not know exact location of large files, so they to waste their valuable time to find large files and folders.

Here is a simple freeware called TweakNow HD Analyzer does this task easily and quickly. It finds all your stored folders and sort it by size wise from large to small.

To scan your hard disk drive, simply click on the drive which you want to find large files. After analyzing process completed it shows large files and folders which is saved from your computer.  You can also limit the analyzing process to certain folder only.

This application supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers and available for totally free of cost.