Now you can upload up to 1000 e-books on Google Play

Google adds new feature on Google Play Books, that lets you upload your e-books on Google Play. You can upload up to 1000 ePub and PDF files directly from your computer or import from Google Drive account. The main thing is your file should not be above 50 MB.

After you have uploaded to Google Play Books,it syncs your e-books across various devices. So you can read your e-books on Web, Android, iPhone, iPad and more. You can upload your e-books by clicking here

If you have any error when you start to upload e-books to Google Play

  1. Verify that you are uploading PDF or EPUB files, it wont supports other formats
  2. Make sure your files don't exceed the 50 MB/file limit
  3. Up to 1,000 files can be uploaded to your account
  4. DRM-protected files are not supported
  5. If you can't select a PDF or EPUB file from Google Drive, try downloading and uploading the file from your computer and check you have signed in with same email account on Drive and Google Play