Convert Scanned PDF to editable MS Office from Android and iOS

Technology has rendered it possible to digitize your paper documents, contracts, and all sorts of paperwork. In order to turn your existent paper documents into digital ones, you usually need to scan them and create images which you can view on your computer, send and share with others, or simply archive in an electronic form. You can further convert image files into PDF, which is the most used format for sharing and storing files. If you want to make your scanned documents that were converted to PDF searchable and editable, you need a PDF OCR converter, such as Able2Extract Professional 8 by
Most high-quality desktop PDF OCR software are paid solutions, so powerful OCR technology and converting scanned PDFs to editable formats like MS Excel, Word, or PowerPoint usually comes with a price. However, if you have an Android or iOS-powered tablet or smartphone, you can convert scanned PDF to highly editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Text using the free mobile PDF app Able2Extract. This is a free, basic mobile version of the aforementioned professional PDF OCR Converter for personal computers. However, even though it is free to download, install and use it, this mobile PDF converter includes OCR capabilities and offers free scanned PDF to MS Office format conversions.

Besides converting scanned PDFs, you can also use it to convert native PDFs into the most popular Office formats and into text format files. You can create PDFs from these formats as well.


Able2Extract mobile is very easy to use, with a number of appealing features. The first and foremost benefit for most mobile device users is that it is lightweight and resource efficient. The app uses the bare minimum amount of the smartphone or tablet’s processor and RAM, thanks to the fact that the conversion is performed on the developer’s servers. When the file is opened in the app, it is automatically sent for conversion, and the converted file is quickly sent back to the device. This way, you can digitize you paperwork or convert reports or whatever documents you want to and from PDF, and use your device for other things at the same time, at usual speed. Further benefits include:

  • Full privacy protection guarantee – all files can be deleted from Investintech’s servers right after conversion has been completed. If not, they will be deleted after 24 hours automatically. 
  • Convert scanned PDFs and other files from anywhere: SD Card, file managers, downloads, email attachments, etc.
  • Forever free 100% - there is no limit whatsoever on the number of files converted with the