5 Best URL Shortener Chrome Extensions

URL Shortening services allows users to short long URL in to small. For example this post original URL is http://www.techshortly.com/2013/05/5-best-url-shortener-chrome-extensions.html   if I use Google's URL Shortening service it shorts my post URL like this http://goo.gl/MeCjM

URL Shortener browser extension helps users to short long URL without going to official site. There are multiple URL Shortener Extension available for Chrome browser. Here I listed five best URL Shortener Chrome extension

1. goo.gl
goo.gl is not Google's official chrome extension but the extension uses Google's goo.gl URL shortener service to short long URL's. With this extension you can use Google's official dashboard to know your shorten URL history. And it allows to generate QR code images to specif URL.

Web Store - goo.gl

2. bitly
Official extenison from #1 URL shortener service bitly. With bitly lets you do more with your links! Instantly save and share any web page, right from your browser with the bitly Chrome extension. And you can view stats of yourURL. 

Web Store - bitly

3. Native URL Shortener
All in one URL Shortener chrome extension it allows users to shorten URL with popular service such as bit.ly, goo.gl, J.mp, TinyURL and PPT.cc. 

4. Femto URL Shortener
A new kind of URL shortener. It shortens a long URL into a femto URL, which offers various different redirection options.

Web Store - Femto URL Shortener

5. URL Shortener
URLShortener is an extension for Google Chrome which allows you to shorten the current website URL and makes it easy to post to Twitter and also copy to clipboard. It supports more than 10 services like goo.gl, bit.ly

Web Store - URL Shortener