4 Best Tools to Run Giveaways & Promotions on your Blog and Website

Here I listed 4 best web apps to create entry form for giveaway and online promotions, it helps to increase your blog community and social media subscribers. With these app you can easily manage your giveaway and also you can select random winners.

1. Giveaway Tools
Giveways Tools is one of the best web application that allows users to create embeddable entry-form to run Giveaways and Promotions on your blog. You can create and stunning giveaways with following subscription features. It is featuring auto-verification through third-party APIs.

  • Blog Comments
  • Etsy - Favorite An Item
  • Etsy - Favorite A Seller
  • Facebook - Like A Page
  • FeedBurner - Email Subscription
  • Pinterest - Pin Something
  • Pinterest - Follow A Board
  • RSS Subscription
  • Twitter - Follow
  • Twitter - Tweet
  • Voting For Blog
Punch Tab is an another best tool to run giveaways on your blog, websites and Facebook pages. With Punch Tab you can set 9 different ways to users for entering your giveaway. 

  • Twitter - Follow
  • Twitter - Tweet
  • Facebook - Become fan
  • Facebook - like
  • Google+1
  • Blog Comment
  • Question
  • Visit
  • Download
3. Rafflecopter
Rafflecopter allows you to customize and embed an entry form on your site for promotions and giveaways. It automatically select random winners, and it allows to download all your subscription details as spreadsheet.

  • Build your email lists
  • Facebook Fan & Like
  • Twitter Follow & Tweet
  • Pinterest Follow & Pin
  • Facebook app to run giveaways on Facebook page
  • Instant Random Winners and more
4. Wildfire App
Wildfire one of the best web application to create giveaways and promotions. It is owned by Google and it is available only  in premium version. It allows to Run any kind of promotion, contests, sweepstakes, coupons, giveaways, and others.

  • Real Time analytics
  • Fast and easy
  • Social media subscription option available for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • It allows user to create Sweepstakes, Coupons, User-Generated Photo, Essay, Video Contests, Pick your Favorites, Quizzes and Trivia