PSY Gentlemen gets over 27 million views on YouTube in Single day

Gangnam Style popular PSY launched new music video at yesterday in Seol, that music video name called "PSY-Gentleman". PSY introduced new style of dance in Gentleman, and it is totally different from Gangnam Style. The video runs up to 3:54 exact minutes.

 Less than 24 hours the Gentleman video gets over 27 million video views, 530,033 likes and 228,279 comments on YouTube.

The South Korean pop star PSY became well known person in the World, after his previous video Gangnam Style got high response from peoples. hhe Ganghaving nam Style did record break on YouTube currently having more than 1.5 billion views.

Gangnam Style is the #1 YouTube video having more than a billion views. Will Gentleman break this record?              Say your opinion in comment.