Google Mobile Site updated with two new features

Google has updated its mobile site with two new features such as Expandable site links and Quick view badge. The new features allows users to find exact search result even faster than previous with updated  Google mobile site.

Expandable site link feature appear for many sites to help you get to a specific section quickly. For example if you search on "rotten tomatoes" with Google mobile site, it shows the main site and also some important pages in  below of the main site. So you can go specific category directly from Google result. See below screen shot

And the another feature is Quick view badge, Starting today you will see a blue Quick view badge next to few results. If you click on the Quick View badge you can know preview of your result. For example  just search for "poker hands" and click on Quick view badge it shows like below image

Quick view is an experimental project and is currently enabled for pages from Wikipedia only, and Google team working hard to expand this feature for more pages.
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