5 Best Free Torrent Downloader for Android

Torrent downloding is the best way to download large files from internet. Using some apps, you can download torrents right from your Android devices. Here I listed 5 best free Torrent downloader app for android smartphone and tablets.

1. tTorrent
tTorrent is a torrent (bittorrent) client for Android based devices. It allows you to download torrents directly to your phone and tablet. The tTorrent has multiple downloading, queuing and other important features. The maximum download speed is 250kB/s in free version, to boost download speed upgrade it to pro version.


Google Play Link- tTorrent Lite

2. uTorrent Beta
uTorrent is one of the best app to download torrents from your Android devices. There is no size limit and speed limit, gives users to download with maximum speed. uTorrent Beta comes with simple and clean layout with various useful features like subscribe to RSS feeds, play content and more.


Google Play Link - uTorrent Beta

3. aTorrent
One more best app to download torrent files with your Android phones and tablets. You can open aTorrent app with in your Android browser. It has also includes various features like multiple parallel downloading,  pause downloads and more. The maximum file limit for micorSD up to 4GB, there is no limit for internal storage space.

Google Play Link - aTorrent

4. BitTorrent
It is also best torrent client for android. The features are same with uTorrent Beta. It is available for all Android 2.1 and above devices. 


Google Play Link - BitTorrent

5. aDownloader
Last but not least! aDownloader helps to download torrents right from your Android devices.  aDownloader is also a HTTP downloader with break-and-resume feature, suitable to download large size using direct HTTP link.


Google Play Link - aDownloader