What Happens Every Minute on the Internet World [Infographic]

The Internet became very big in the world. Can you guess what happens every minute on Internet? or what happens every minute on Google and facebook? Intel designed a new infographic that shows What happens every minute on the Internet. According to infographic
  • Totally 639,800 GB of global IP data transferred 
  • 277,770 users login to Facebook and more than 6 million Facebook views done on every minute.
  • 6 new wikipedia articles published
  • Above 2 million queries searched on Google
  • In YouTube 30 hours video uploaded and 1.3 millions video views
  •  Twitter gets 320+ new accounts and 100,000 new tweets
  • 204 Emails Sent
  • 20 New victims of identity theft
  • 3000 new photos uploaded on flickr for every minute
  • 47,000 Apps downloaded from all app stores.
  • 100+ new LinkedIn accounts created