Victim of Facebook Fatigue [Infographic]

There is no doubt Facebook is the largest social networking site on the world. Currently having more than 1 billion registered users. The main advantage of Facebook, it is connecting the world people's in single network. And there is also a negative side Facebook, it addict users to waste their golden times by chatting and sharing.

Even though the average person spends about 7 hours on Facebook for every month, Most of them needs a break from facebook for sometimes. According to below infographic, 61 percent of current Facebook users have taken a break from Facebook for several weeks or more because of following reasons.
  • 21% too busy
  • 10% Lack of interest in the site itself
  • 10% of users no compelling updates from friends
  • 9% Excessive gossip or drama
  • 8% Concerns about spending too much time on the site
  • 7% of users just bored with it
Facebook Fatigue Infographic
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