Free Antivirus Avast 8.0 Released with Multiple New Features

The #1 free antivirus software Avast currently protects over 170 million machines across the world. The company released a new version of its antivirus program called Avast 8.0. This version comes with major improvements and new features like New user interface, Software updater and Browser clean up tools.

What's New in Avast 8:

New UI: The avast 8.x comes with new user interface, it reduced number of widgets on the main screen which gives you a clear overview about program status, and allows you to quickly access to the major program features.

avast! Software Updater monitors version status of 3rd party applications you are running and assists you to keep them up-to date. This tool will inform you whenever any of your 3rd party applications is out of date. If you clicking the 'Fix now' button that software will be updated to latest version automatically.

avast! Browser Cleanup allows you to remove unwanted 3rd party toolbars from your Internet Browser or to disable them in the Browser specific tabs on the list.

avast! Data Shredder allows you to irreversibly erase hard drive partitions or individual files with sensitive data, when you want to be sure that there is no way how to restore data back in case of e.g. selling/donating your computers or hard drives.

avast! AccessAnywhere is a remote control alternative to existing avast! Remote Assistance, but with avast! Premier 8.x you can configure it in a way, that you can establish a remote session always when your computer is turned on and connected to the Internet with no time limitation, and therefore you don't need to exchange a security code between computers every time you need to establish a remote session.

avast! Ad Blocker is a new add-on for Internet browsers which lets you block banner ads and pop-ups from appearing on the websites you visit, and therefore it should make a much cleaner web session.

avast! Screen Saver Setting allows you to disable background scans when the user notebook is running on battery power to save the battery life.

Download - Free Avast 8.0.1482