10 Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

Samsung recently announced the much awaited Galaxy S4 Jelly Bean smartphone across the world. Samsung not only introduces the phone but also it introduces beautiful accessories for Galaxy S4 devices. Here i listed 10 best official accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4 users. 

1. S Band
S Band a water proof gadget helps users track their daily activities. For example if you are walking it records all your steps, calories burned and distance of your walk. With S Band you can know your sleep efficiency by how much you moved while you slept. The gadget works with S-Health 2.0 app
2. S View Cover
Smart innovations of the flip cover for new arrival of Samsung Galaxy S4 devices. It displays basic notifications of your phone such as calls, time, SMS and battery status. 
3. Game Pad
Samsung introduces well designed Game pad for Galaxy S4 devices. With this gamepad you can full control of your game with optimized buttons such as dual analog stick, Shoulder keys and 4 actions buttons. And it supports remote control for home gaming experience. It is capable for one touch bluetooth pairing via NFC. 

4. Wireless charging Pad / Cover
Samsung introduces this cool gadget, that allows users to charge their Galaxy S4 devices with wireless. To get wireless charging you have to replace the back of the phone with a new cover. 
5.  Flip Cover 
It is uniquely designed for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the flip covers available in 9 attractive colors such as Blue, White, Black, Pink, Mint, Light Blue, Lime Green and Brown Orange
6. HRM
HRM is an effective running coach for users. It monitors real-time heart rate and controls your exercise  intensity by checking your heart rate. It works with Running Mate app.
7. Extra Battery Kit
Samsung offering beautiful extra battery kit user when charging is not available with Galaxy S4 user.
8. Headset
Specially designed headset for Galaxy S4. It gives users to premium Hi-Fi sound experience. Each head phone having 2 speakers such as Woofer and Twitter speakers. It enables dynamic deep bass and high resolution terrible sounds. The headset designed with slip flat cable.
9. Body Scale
The device keep on tracking your health. It measures your weight and sends it to the Samsung Galaxy S4 devices via bluetooth. It supports up to 7 users to check their weight. You can check your weight history with S-Health 2.0 app.
10. Protective Cover+
Protective Cover plus protects your Galaxy S4 devices from dust, dirt,scratches and damages and more.