Top 10 Most Poppular Chrome Extensions for Google Plus Users

There are hundreds of Chrome extension available for Google plus that enables some useful features. But some extensions gets the high response from users. Here below I listed top 10 most popular Chrome extension for Google+ users.

1. Hover Zoom: 748,022 users
This extension enlarge thumbnail images on mouse hover. It works most of the popular websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter and more.

Link - Hover Zoom

2. Google Translate :    693,697 users
Google Translate for Google+ this extension allows users to change Google+ stream into their native language.

3. Google+1 Button - 515,127 users
This extension enables +1 button on the Chrome bar, that allows users to share webpages directly to plus from anywhere on the web.

Link - Google +1 Button

4. Google+ Notifications :  375,965 users
With this extension users can view Google+ notifications anywhere on the web without going to your Google+ account.

Link - Google+ Notifications

5. + Photo Zoom :  124,009 users
Easily zoom photos and profile pics from your Google Plus Stream. Just hover over the image you wish to zoom and +Photo Zoom will load the enlarged version of the picture.

Link - +Photo Zoom

6. Extended Share :   98,867 users
Google+ does not have a quick way sharing your posts to other social networks, this extension enables share button of popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

Link-Extended Share

7. Replies and more  :   41,013 users
This extension enables Reply to author feature on Google+ comment section. Readers can easily mention author through clicking this extension.

Link - Replies and more

8.  G+me :  30,488 users
Collapses the Google+ stream while keeping live updates: collapses posts, hides comments, etc.

Link - G+me

9. 1-Up :   27,341 users
Changes your +1 icon on Google+ into a 1-up mushroom from Mario Brothers. Complete with sound!

Link - 1-Up

10. Surplus :    22481 users
This extension enables some google plus integration like Desktop notification, Notification sound and more for Chrome.

Link- Surplus