How to Get a Google Project Glass, before it's generally available

Search Giant inviting application from interested peoples who is living in US, for getting Google's project Glass. Google Glass is an extreme project from search giant. The device works like a smartphone and supports voice control, so with voice commands users can record video (or) take a picture.

Users can also check weather reports, search results, GPS directions and more with Google Glass. Below the recent video posted by Google, tells how it feels through GLASS

How to Apply:
You want to get Google Glass before it's coming to general availability, answer this question within 50 words "What would you do if you had Glass?" Post your answer on Google+ or Twitter with #ifihadglass hashtag. You can also send 5 photos and 15 sec video with your answer. The participant should have completed 18 years old and have to living in US.

One user can submit up to three applications on Google+ or Twitter. February 27 is the deadline for applications, so submit your application before deadline date. After the deadline date all the applications will be scored based on how creative, compelling, original and useful. If your application selected Google will send the direct messages on Google+ and Twitter.

How to Get:
If you receive an invitation from Google, you’ll have to pre-order your device for $1,500 plus tax and  travel to attend a special pick-up experience in New York, Los Angeles, or the San Francisco Bay area.

If you have any other doubt ask me in comment or refer this FAQ page created by Google