Complete list of Google+ Shortcut Keys

Google+ now became the World's #2 social network site owned by Google. It is currently having 500 million register users and 235 million monthly active users.Shortcut keys helps to do actions without mouse. Here I posted below the complete list of Google+ shortcut keys.

Google+ Shortcut Keys
Keys Action
Next Post
Previous Post
Expand / Colopse Post
nNext comment on Current post
pPrevious Comment on Current Post
rComment on Current Post
?Open Shortcut help
@Send feedback
<--List pages (Enter opens selected page)
SpaceScroll down stream by regular intervals
Space +ShiftScroll up stream by regular intervals
EnterMoves your cursor to Comment box when stream update is finished
Tab + EnterSubmit comment

Google+ Formatting
Keys Action
*For *bold* letter
_For _Italic_ letter
-For -Strikeout- word