5 Best Free Apps for Improve Android's Sound Quality & Volume Level

Hello music fan's who are using Android, Here the good news for you. Below i listed 5 best free android apps that improves your Android's sound quality and volume level amazingly. Download and install it your device and listen songs effectively than before.

1. Music Volume EQ
Music Volume EQ is a great app has volume slider with live music stereo led VU meter and five band Equalizer with Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects. It improves sound quality and volume level on your Android devices. This app works in background and it controls most player such as Android player, Winamp, Google Music, MixZing, poweramp, YouTube and video player also. Use headphones for better result.

Download - Google Play Store

2. Equalizer
Equalizer app lets you adjust sound effect levels of your Android phone. Apply Equalizer Presets based on Music Genre, or quickly create your own custom preset with the 5 band Equalizer controller. Additional Audio Effects supported includes Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Reverb Presets. It requires Android 2.3 or above

Download - Googel Play Store

3. Bass Booster
Bass booster is an simple and free android app increases your speaker bass sound. This app still in beta version but it works pretty well than paid versions. It includes 6 bands equalizer and more than 20 presets.

Download - Bass Booster - Beta

4. Speaker Boost
Simple, small, experimental free app to boost your speaker or headphone sound volume. Useful for movies, audio books and music.
Download - Google Play Store

5. AnEq Equalizer
This app improves the sound of your Android devices with a 5-band Equalizer. And you can create and store custom EQ presets. Once you activated the EQ runs in the background and will process the global audio output. This app available in paid version too.
Download - Google Play Store