Facebook Introduces Graph Search, How to Sign up?

There is no doubt about Facebook is #1 social network site having more than a billion people, more than 240 billion photos and more than a trillion connections. Facebook now introduces a new feature called Graph Search for limited peoples.

Graph Search is a new way for you to find people, photos, places and interests that are most relevant to you on Facebook. Graph Search will appear as a bigger search bar at the top of each page. When you search for something that search and show the set of results.

Graph Search is in a limited preview, or beta. That means Graph Search will only be available to a very small number of people who use Facebook in US English. If you want to Graph Search please follow the below steps.

How to Sign up:
  • Sign to your Facebook account and go here Graph Search
  • Scroll your window to bottom of the page
  •  Finally click on Join Waiting List
Now you are in the wait listing to use Facebook Graph Search Beta.