Yahoo! Search Adds new feature to find Free HQ Flickr Photos

The World's #3 most popular search engine Yahoo! Search now adds a new feature in Yahoo! Image Search, that allows users to search free Flickr photos easily. Flickr has Tens of millions of photos, available to re-use for both free and paid. Yahoo! Image Search now filter and show only for free photos from Flickr.

How to:
  • Go to Yahoo! image search either your computer, tablet or your mobile phone.
  • Search for any image (keyword)
  • After search result shows, click the "Labeled for Reuse" link from left bottom of the page
  • Your search result page reloads and shows free Flickr photos, to confirm hover your mouse cursor on any image and see the image details.
This feature is available in Yahoo! Image Search across web and all the devices.