4 Best Place to Buy & Sell Your Websites Online

Buying and selling website is not a easy task.  There are many issues to consider when entering into such a transaction and have to find good seller (or) buyer for your site. There are plenty of sites available on internet that offers to buy and sell. Here i listed 4 best market place to sell and buy websites through online.

Flippa is a #1 market place for buying and selling websites. It is Co-founded by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle. An average of 50% of all listed sites are sold within the chosen auction time period. Over 200,000 users have registered to buy or sell websites on Flippa. Another interesting news Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s old site FaceMash.com  sold through Flippa for $30,000 on October, 2010.

Link - flippa.com

Website Broker:
WebsiteBroker.com is one of the oldest and most established places to sell, buy or trade an existing website. It is owned and operated by WebsiteBroker, Inc founded on 1997.

Buy sell website:
Buysellwebsites is one of the best market place to sell and buy websites. It reach 1000's of buyers every week by listing on Website For Sale Marketplace or search 100's of new listings on both our Established and Start-Up Website Marketplace.

It is the forum site for all web related contents. You have to be 14 days older to post your website for sale.