How to Enable / Disable Gmail's New Compose Window

Yesterday we posted about Gmail's new compose window feature, if you want to know briefly read our previous post.  Today we see how to enable new compose window feature to your Gmail account.

How to:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account click Compose button 
  • Then click new compose experience link which is next to label button. 

  • Then click Got it button

  • That's all you're successfully enabled Gmail's New compose window. 

How to Disable :
  • If your mind changed and want to re-enable old compose editor, click the arrow icon on new compose window

  • You are done.


  1. thanks for update

  2. how do i re enable it again, now i don't have the link by lable anymore

  3. I disabled it, but now I want to re enable it again. But the link is not there any more, by lables. any ideas?

  4. click on the small arrow icon in new compose window. for detail explanation see above post