[Be Careful] 12 Online Scams of Christmas

Christmas shopping session starts now before you must know 12 online scams of christmas in below. 

1. Social Media Scams : 
Beware of ads for phony contest, "and stay at home" job postings even if they are from your friends.

2. Malcious Mobile Apps :
Only download apps from official app stores, check users reviews and read the app permission policies.

3. Travel Scams :
Be wary of too-good-to-be-true offers and when on the road, be careful when using free WiFi connections.

4. Holiday Spam/Phishing :
Never to respond spam emails, or click on an included links.

5. iPhone 5, iPad,
Be suspicious of deals on hot holiday gift items. Try to verify them with the retailer.

6. Skype Message Scare :
Never click on a suspicious link, even if it comes from some one you know.

7. Bogus Gift Cards:
Buy gift cards from the official retailer and not third party source.

8. Holiday SMiShing:
Remember that legitimate businesses, like banks, won't ask you to verify personal information via texts.

9. Phony E-tailers:
Only shop at trusted and well known e-commerce sites.

10. Fake Charities: 
When you want to give, visit the charity's website and do a little research before donating.

11. Dangerous E-cards:
Check to see that the sender is someone you actually know and it comes from a well known e-cards site.

12. Phony classifieds:
Don't wear money for "deals" and make sure you don't pay for an item before receiving it.

Image source - McAfee

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