10 Useful Hidden Features on Google Chrome 2012

Google Chrome is the World's #1 browser it has plenty of useful features. No one can use all this features because some features are hidden in Google Chrome. Here below i listed 10 useful hidden features.  

1. Search by Drag:
While reading online have you doubt on a word (or) you want to know more about that word for just highlight that word drag it to your tabstrip to right or left. A new tab will open with search result of highlighted text.

2. Save as PDF :
Using Google Chrome you can save webpages as PDF without going any third party site. Just open a webpage that save to PDF then click CTRL + P keys on your keyboard. Printer dialogue box will open then change your destination as Save as PDF, finally click Save button to save your PDF file. 

3. See Recent Closed Tabs:
Using Google Chrome you can see recent closed tabs without open your browser history page. Just open a new tab then click Recently Closed Tabs options available in below. 

4. Hide/Show Bookmarks Bar :
Using Google Chrome browser you can hide (or) show a bookmarks bar by simply press Shift+Ctrl+B keys on your Windows, Cmd+Shift+B in Mac.

5. Full Screen Mode :
Need more space to browse you can go to full screen mode by pressing F11 on Windows & Linux, Cmd+Shift+F on Mac.

6. Shortcut keys for Tab :
While browsing you maybe opened many tabs on your browser window. In Google Chrome you can open any specified tabs using shortcut key. For example you opened 4 tabs on you browser window ,then you want to open third opened tab just press key Ctrl + 3 on your keyboard it opens your #3 tab. 

7. Online updater:
Google Chrome simultaneously updates its version and it will be automatically updated to your computer. And also you can update your browser easily by going here Menu - About Google Chrome

Google Chrome Online Installer
8. Bookmark All Tabs:
While searching anything on search engine you maybe opened important search results in many tabs. You want to book mark all the tabs but if you bookmark one by one it takes more. For that there is a option on Google Chrome you can bookmark all opened tabs on your browser at once by pressing Ctrl+Shift+D keys on your keyboard. 

9. View Original Image Size by Drag:
In Google Chrome if you want to know the original size of image that is available in webpage just drag that image to your tabstrip to right or left. A new tab will open with original image size. 

10. Open Extension using Shortcut Key :
In Google Chrome you can assign and open Extension using shortcut key on your keyboard. Go to Menu - Tools - Extension - Configure Commands then assign shortcut key for extension. Click here to know how to assign shortcut key

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