Notepad ++ v6.2 released includes new UDL [Download Link Inside]

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement running in the Windows operating system. Now Notepad++ v6.2 new version released with some major updates. Notepad++ v6.2 includes a new User Defined Languge (UDL2) system.

Features of UDL2 :
  • More keyword groups were added (more syntax highlighting can be defined).
  • Multipart keywords are supported.
  • Whitespace is no longer mandatory as keyword separator.
  • Numbers recognition support is greatly improved.
  • Operators and delimiters can be longer than one character.
  • The same characters can be used as comments AND operators.
  • Comments and delimiters support nesting.
  • Improvments to Comments (comment folding, comment continuation...etc).
  • In the case of several comment pairs defined, comment open symbols match only with comment close symbols of the same order.

Download - Notepad ++ v6.2

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