Outlook.com Keyboard shortcut keys [Complete List]

Last week Microsoft launched new outlook.com web mail service replaces to Hotmail.  Every one likes a new Outlook.com layout which is very simple and unique design. Outlook.com is currently in Preview mode even though within a week 1 million users using new outlook.com through world wide. Currently it is available in 106 languages.

Keyboard shortcut keys are very important to use the services more effectively. If you are new to outlook.com here the complete list of shortcut keys of outlook.com

Shortcut Key ACTION
Delete KeyDelete a message
Ctrl + NCreate a new message
Ctrl+Enter Send a message
Ctrl+Shift+O Open a message
Ctrl+Shift+P Print a message
Ctrl+R Reply to a message
Ctrl+Shift+RReply all to a message
Ctrl+Shift+F Forward a message
Ctrl+S Save a draft message
L Flag a message for follow up
C Categorize a message
Ctrl+Shift+J Mark a message as junk
Ctrl+Q Mark a message as read
Ctrl+U Mark a message as unread
Ctrl+.Move to a folder
Ctrl+,Open the previous message
Esc Close a message
/ Search your email messages
F7Check spelling
S then A Select all
S then N Deselect all
F then IGo to the inbox
F then DGo to your drafts folder
F then SGo to your sent folder

The spelling checker might not If you're more familiar with Gmail or Yahoo! keyboard shortcuts, you can use these in Outlook too, but you have to specify which shortcut keys are you going to use. For example if you are going to use Gmail shortcut keys in outlook.com

Outlook.com ==> Options ==> More mail Settings ==> Keyboard shortcuts ==> Select Gmail ==> Save

That's all you may use Gmail shortcuts in outlook.com 

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