[How To] Transfer your Google+ Friends(circles) from One Account to Another

Google takeout is the very popular tool owned by Google. It offers to download data's from buzz, +1s, Picasa albums etc.. to your computer. Now Google Takeout offers to you can transfer  your Google+ circles, blocks and ignores from one account to another account.

Keep in Mind
  1. Once you transferred your Google+ circles to another account then you won't use this tool before six months.
  2. Your source and destination accounts must have the same name to transfer your circles between these accounts.
  3. During the transfer, you have limited functionality on Google+ in both accounts.
  4. You cannot transfer content such as Posts, Comments, Profile information to another account.

How to Transfer:
  • Go to Google Takeout 
  • Click on the link "Transfer your Google+ connections to another account" 
  • Then it asks your password, enter your password and hit sign in button.
  • Then enter your another Google+ login id and hit sign in button again

  • Another window will open and asks your final confirmation for this work to be done, finally click the Transfer button.

After you completed there's a 7 day waiting period before your transfer begins. You may cancel your transfer request within waiting period. To cancel request sign in to either account at Google+ account and click Cancel Transfer at the bottom of the page. You can cancel request from desktop version only can't in mobile app.

After waiting period finished it takes 48 hours to transfer your circles, blocks, ignores to new account. and Your source account is replaced with your destination account in other people's circles.

Link - Google Takeout

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