Top 10 Trending Games on Chrome Web Store at July 2012

The Chrome Web Store is Google's online store for web applications for Google Chrome or Google Apps. It is collection of Themes, Extensions, Apps, Games etc. Every one likes to play the games. Here below I mentioned Top 10 trending games on Chrome Web Store.

1. So Many Me
"So Many Me" is a 2D puzzle platformer starring Filo and his band of misfit clones as they attempt to save a world threatened by an ancient, malevolent evil. Using their combined powers, Filo and his fellow Me must puzzle their way through a land of exotic creatures, devious traps, and evil minions.

This is demo version so you can play only first stage of this game. Full game may come soon.

Web Store - So Many Me

2. Top Racers F1 Manager
TopRacers F1 Manager is an online multiplayer Formula 1 manager game. In TopRacers you will be able to play the role of the team manager at your own F1 Team sign drivers, engineers or mechanics, decide your R&D strategy or buy piece specifications from other teams, setup your car and decide the best race strategy. Your goal is to be the most competitive team in the world.

3. Township
Township offers you the chance to build your very own town. Construct houses to increase population, gather crops and run processing factories to earn money, and build cafes and cinemas for fostering social life in your town. Share your vision of a perfect place to live with your friends wherever they are. It is also available for Google+.

Web Store - Township

4. Mall World
MallWorld is the place where you can be your own boss, run your own fashion boutique, and shop to your heart's content.

Web Store - Mall World

5. Goodgame Disco
Open up the ultimate nightclub with Goodgame Disco. Find your own style and revolutionize the nightlife scene. Equip your club with an amazing sound system or a new trendy dance floor to rock the crowd. If you succeed, your club will soon be the hottest place in town.

Web Store - Goodgame Disco

6.Shadow Fight
Fight thrilling 1-on-1 battles against your Google+ friends! Shadow Fight offers more than 40 martial arts moves, punches, kicks and fatalities! Lethal weapons, barbaric bosses, daily quests and tournaments are waiting for you!

Web Store - Shadow Fight

7. Build with Chrome :
Now you can build with LEGO bricks using Google Maps as your baseplate.You can build a dinosaur, a skyscraper, an alien or… pretty much whatever you like. Just choose a plot anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Build something, publish it on the map, and share it with your friends.

Web Store - Build with Chrome

8. Zynga Poker
Zynga poker is world's largest poker game now you can able to play Zynga poker game with your Google+ friends.

Web Store - Zynga Poker

9. Farm Frenzy2
Give Old MacDonald a run for his money in this frenetic Farm Frenzy sequel. Feed hens, collect eggs, and stock your warehouse to ship your goods to market. Kick up your heels while earning enough money to upgrade your buildings. You`ll find a crop full of fun with 17 secret gags to locate, and 19 awards to win.

Web Store - Farm Frenzy 2

10. AirMech
AirMech is a revolutionary action-strategy game that puts you in the battle as a giant transforming robot! From the air, build and position your units anywhere you want. Then instantly transform into robot mode and fight alongside them. This application size little high 80 MB.

Link - Air Mech

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