The Dark Knight Rises Game released for iOS and Android available to download

The Batman Knight Rises hits the theaters on Friday Gameloft released game version of The Dark Knight Rises available for iOS and Android devices. The game follows same story line as the movie user to fight Gotham's worst as the caped crusader.

Dozens of missions plus random events will make you feel all the thrills of being a superhero. Deal with hostage situations, bomb squads, jailbreaks and car chases to prove that you’re the true protector of Gotham.

A thrilling fighting system that puts you right in the heart of the action thanks to many different moves and cinematic effects. Collect items hidden within the city to unlock upgrades and new fighting skills for Batman.

The game is available at $6.99 for both Android and iOS device. 

Download for Android - The Dark knight Rises

Download for iOS - The Dark Knight Rises

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