[Must Know] 7 Simple Steps to SEO your Blogs

Every blogger and webmasters should have basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Because search engines are heart of your blog and serving lot of free traffic your sites. So If you wish to increase your blog popularity you must know atleast below 7 simple steps 

Back Links :
Back links are the links made on the links from other high ranked blog or websites. It will improve your search engine page rank as well as blog reputation.

Layout :
Layout of a blog is very crucial in terms of Search Engine Optimization. Avoid unnecessary third party widgets and animated widgets it will spoil your blog speed.

Inbound Links :
These are the links of posts inside another post of the same blog. For example if you are writing post about Google Chrome you may link your previous post related to Google Chrome. This increases the visibility of the content.

Content :
In blogging content is the king. If content is the low competition in search engines and is written properly, the blog can optimized easily.

Social Bookmarking :
If the content is bookmarked properly, quality traffic and backlinks can be generated, which is helpful in indexing higher on Search Engines.

Title of Posts:
The title of blog post should be search engine friendly, So keep the title within  60-70 letters to get better optimization.

Meta Tags:
To get better visibility in search engine, one should proper meta keywords. Meta description should involve meta keywords and other relevent keywords.

If you have any question please share to me in comments.

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