How to Get Google's Fastest Internet Connection (1000 Mb/Sec) to your PC

Google recently announced Google Fiber service which is provides fastest internet connection to PCs. Google Fibre offers internet speed upto 1000 Mb per second, it is 100 times faster than today’s average Internet. For example with Google Fiber you can download 100 songs within 3 seconds to your PC and can download a HD Movie within 7 seconds from internet to your PC.

How to Get Google Fiber :
At present Google launches Google Fiber in Kansas City. So if you live in Kansas city, you can get Google Fiber to your PC by three simple steps.

Step1 : Pre-Register

If you live in an eligible Kansas City household, you can pre-register here

You can Pre-register Google Fiber to your PC till Sep 9.

Step 2: Choose Your Package

Google Fiber available in 3 different packages are:
  •  Gigabyte + TV -   $120 per month   -  No construction fee
  •  Gigabit Internet -  $ 70 Per month    -  No construction fee
  •  Free Internet  -      $25 per month for 12 months  -  $300 construction fee

Google Fiber TV is a new and exciting experience. It allows users to find and watch video from many different sources, including live programming, DVR recordings, video on demand, online streaming and personal content—all in crystal clear high definition.

The Free Internet service will be free of a monthly service charge for at least seven years. At the end of seven years, we will begin charging the market price for comparable speeds—which, if Google Fiber is successful, will be $0.

Step 3: 

Then set a date to install Google Fiber to your home. Installation process starts after Sep 9, 2012. When it's your turns comes they will send you an email to confirm your installations appointment.

If you have any other doubt about Google Fiber Call 866-777-7550 or chat or Email and also here the help page created by Google.

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