[Multiplicity] Control up to 9 Computers with single keyboard and mouse

Working with multiple computers at a time you have to go to where the PC's placed to work. It is time consuming and irritating for who is constantly keep getting up during some important work. Multiplicity is beta application to control up to 9 computer with single keyboard and mouse.  Copy and paste any content between your PCs. 


  • Control up to 9 PCs with one keyboard and mouse 
  • Drag and drop any size file between PCs 
  • Copy and paste text and images between PCs 
  • Centralize audio to one PC 
  • Protect data with encryption and security options

Multiplicity even retains text formatting. Multiplicity also supports drag and drop of files and folders between your machines for quick transfers. Even large files like videos and images are transferred quickly between PCs.

Centralize audio from all of your PCs to a single PC ensure you never miss an email, chat or stock price alert. This capability is perfect for stock trading environments and call centers.

Press CTRL three times and Multiplicity starts sending all keyboard input to all connected PCs. Multiplicity also enables you to lock all of your PCs at once.

This application available for both free and paid versions. With free version you can connect only up to 2 computers and limited features only. If you want to control more computers buy the Multiplicity paid version available for $39.95 can control up to 9 computers and having more features. 

Download - Multiplicity Beta

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