Google Adds Advanced Scientific Calculator and Unit Converter to search results

Google has just added a full featured advanced scientific calculator to Google search engine. Here after you can find the answers of complex scientific and trigonometric calculations simply on Google home page. Google scientific calculator has 34 virtual keys.

You can launch Google scientific calculator by simply enter any maths formula (like 1+1) on Google search box.  

Previously if you enter any formula into search bar Google simply display the answer above search result page. Now if you if You type any formula Google output comes into a small virtual calculator. Google scientific calculator solves any complex calculation easily.

Google also helps to convert unit on their search engine page by simply typing units to convert

This new features very useful to all especially for students. And Google always working to very hard to consistently adding new features to their search engine to be great. 

Thanks Google and developer team for giving such a excellent new features. 

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