New Chrome Beta Released includes Video Chat and improved Google Cloud Print

Today Google Chrome released new beta version 21.0 with some major updates. With new Chrome beta  automatically detects your camera and allows you to video and audio communications without using plugin using built-in getUserMedia API.  The getUserMedia API allows to new real-time communications standard that aims to allow high-quality video and audio communication on the web.

Google offers a couple of websites to test the interaction with, like Magic Xylophone and Webcam Toy. With new beta version you can rotate the video and add hipstery filters, play a xylophone with motion detection, try on glasses with face detection, and step into a photobooth with crazy effects like “Snow” and “Fire.”

Beta release also brings a new and improved printing experience for Google Cloud Print. Now your printers in Google Cloud Print are integrated right into Chrome’s print dialog, so you can easily print to your Cloud Ready printer, Google Drive, Chrome on your mobile device, or one of over 1,800 FedEx Offices.

These new features only available on Chrome beta 21.0 download now

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