5 Best Free Anti-Theft Android Apps to find Stolen or Misplaced Phones

Whether an android user is concerned with theft or with simply misplacing an android smartphone, a good anti-theft or locator app for android is a must. With hundreds of anti-theft apps available in the Google Play store, but you have to choose right one to better features. Here I listed five great anti-theft apps that not only work as promised-but, are available free of charge.

1. Anti-theft Alarm :
Anti-theft Alarm is one of the famous and best Anti-theft app available for iPhone and Android users. In iTunes store sold out 1million copies, now it is available for Android users for free. If you have Anti-theft Alarm app in your Android phone there is no way for your phone to be stolen.

How it works : If you leave your phone around or any where This application plays an ALARM OUT LOUD as soon as someone moves your phone or touch your phone. (even if the phone is on mute or vibration). The alarm will mute only after you enter your Secret Pin. So no one will be able to touch your phone, change it's place or even look at it's screen. Best thief prevention and extensive burglar alarm.
Google Play - Anti-Theft Alarm

2. Total Equipment Protection :
Protection App is offered exclusively to Sprint customers. Also, because the App is included with Total Equipment Protection, you can file an insurance claim if your phone is not recoverable. Either way, you’ll never be without your device for long. Look to Total Equipment Protection with the all-new Protection App as your single source for phone protection – only from Sprint.

How it works : If your phone is lost, stolen or just stops working, this App allows you to easily retrieve contacts, and transfer them easily to your new device and you can lock the device remotely so your private information can’t be accessed. The app website allows you to locate your phone on a map and trigger an alarm, even if the volume is turned off.
Google Play - Total Equipment Production

3. Anti Theft Droid Free :
The Droid antitheft application was developed to solve your problem if your Android device is stolen or is lost.

How it works: If you misplaced or stolen your phone you can control your phone via text messages to get exact location of your phone. This app automatically activates the GPS and WiFi connection if it is turned off at time of application the location of the device. Anti Theft Droid app includes alarm feature which above two apps having. And it is identifies the exchange of phone chip, returning the phone's location at the time of exchange of information In the new Chip Carrier, IMEI, phone number.
Google Play - Anti-Theft Droid Free

4. Android Anti Theft :
Android Anti Theft is another cool app for android users developed by Snuko. With Snuko anti theft applications installed you can have the confidence that your personal data will always be safe should you lose your device or have it stolen.

How it works : With Snuko you can track location of your stolen android phone using GPS, WiFi and cell tower. and you can transfer all important datas such as SMS, Contacts, Call logs from your stolen device to new one. Snuko having another important features are SMS command, Spy camera, Sound Audible Alarm, SIM change detection and more. 
Google Play - Android Anti-Theft

5. Bitdefender Anti-Theft
LMaxi Anti Theft is the easiest way to get your lost or stolen phone back.

How it works : You can transfer all important datas such as SMS, Contacts, Call logs from your stolen device to new one. Get last calls,thief phone number, IMEI and network operator name when new SIM card detected and more same as above mentioned apps features. 
Google Play - Anti Theft Installer

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  1. I found the other app with more feature. that is untouchedme.