Map for Where Most of the Phishing Websites are hosted?

Phishing is a form of online identity theft in which fraudsters trick Internet users into submitting personal information to illegitimate websites. Phishing scams are usually presented in the form of spam or pop-ups and often difficult to detect.

Malware authors often harm legitimate sites to distribute content from a malicious attack site or to redirect it to an attack site. These sites often attack deceptive downloads distributed to visitors when they are released, malware programs running on their computers without their knowledge. 90% of phishing sites favorite target money only.

So through out the world users affect by Phishing websites. for example Approximately 12 to 14 million hits in Google Search warn users about current malware threats daily, and offer malware warnings for about 300 thousand downloads per day through protective services in Chrome downloads.

Google Argentina created a map at where the web users see phishing sites and where the most of phishing sites hosted.

phishing websites
[Click on the image to enlarge version]

[Click on the image to enlarge version]

And Google Argentina gives some valuable advice to avoid phishing websites for web users and web Masters. 

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