How to Show / Hide your Personal Email ID on Facebook Timeline

Popular social giant now updates on timeline now every one's personal email address have been hidden from their profiles. Instead of address shows on your Facebook timeline. If you have any inconvenience by this action no problem there is a option to solve this issue. You can show your personal email id on your timeline.

How To Show :

  • Go to facebook profile page then click the about section below of your profile photo. 

  • It redirects to next page then scroll your mouse to Contact Info section then click the Edit button

  • Then your contact details page opens can see the Emails section with your personal email address from top of the page. 
  • Then click the option shows in below image which is straight from your personal email address.
  • Then select "Shown on Timeline" option circled in below image.

That's all you done it. Check and confirm whether timeline shows your personal Email ID or not. If you have any difficulties from this post please share with me on comment.

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