How to Leave From Unwanted Facebook Group

Groups is the one of the most useful feature in facebook. Groups let you share things with the people who are member of your group. When a group member posts to the group, everyone in the group will receive a notification about that post and will see the post on their home page. But the main dis advantage is User can add someone to a group automatically imagine you can already added into ten groups without knowing what the group really are. 

So here is the simple tutorial to tell you how to leave from unwanted Facebook group. Leaving a group removes you from the group's member list and also removes the group from your list of groups. You will no longer get group notifications or see group stories in your news feed

  • Open the Facebook site and go to home page.
  • Scroll the window to group section 
  • Then move your mouse cursor on unwanted group and click the Edit link.

  • Then click the leave Group option like the above image small window open and asks your permission click the Leave Group button. 

That's all you have leave from that unwanted facebook group. Here after no one can add you on that group if you like to rejoin that group may join at any time by simply clicking join group button.

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