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Some report says By 2013 more people will use their mobile phones than PCs to get online. 80% of mobile internet users abandon a site if they have a bad user experience. Mobile sites are designed for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users in mind. A mobile-friendly site can help your blog growth and connect with customers and increase sales. But a bad mobile experience can drive your customers to your competition.

GOMO (Google Mobile)  partner with Duda mobile providing online tool to make your desktop website more mobile friendly with professional templates and free hosting. Duda mobile premium service free for one year(value $108) with unlimited email and phone support.

How to:

Step 1:
Go to GOMO site through this link www.howtogomo.comThen Enter your site URL in the specific column like below image.

Then hit MAKE MY SITE MOBILE button. 

Step 2:
It redirects theme window, select your site theme from their.You can filter themes by color, after select the theme hit the NEXT button. 

Step 3:
This is very important step here you can add all important features to your mobile site like header & logo, comments section, contact form, Google adsense ads, Paypal plugin, Google maps, RSS feed etc..

Just drag and drop plugin which you want to add your mobile site. After you add the important features click the Next button like arrow marked in above image.

Step 4:
You have to register to save your mobile site. If you already have an Dudamobile account just login with your details otherwise it must to create new one. Then click the SAVE MY SITE button. 

Step 5:
This is final step in this step there is a simple script which you have to add into your site <head> section. Just copy the code and paste it below <head> and save it.

After you successfully added this code if some one watching your site from phone and it will automatically redirect to your new optimized site. But desktop computer users will continue to see your  regular website. 

Note: Duda Mobile premium offer free for a year, if you want to continue premium features after this free period you have to upgrade your account for $9/month.

If you have any doubt please share with me on comments.

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