Build with Chrome: Online LEGO builder to increase your Children Creativity

Every children enjoying building things with lego bricks and also it will increase their creativity mind. Google Australia announced the release of build with chrome online tool. Build with Chrome is latest Chrome Experiment which lets you explore and build a new world of LEGO creations together online. With 8 trillion bricks, think of Build as the largest LEGO set you’ve ever seen.

It shows how far browser technology has come and how the web is an amazing platform for creativity.The tech giant made construction tools built by WebGL, which enables powerful 3D graphics in your chrome browser. 

If you built anything using Build with Chrome just hit publish button to publish your creativity. Remember onnce your build is published, you can't remove it.  After your build is published it will be publicly viewable and may be featured in promotional material by Google and the LEGO Group.

For more information visit Google Australia official blog

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